Travel For FREE and Earn $$$

How?? Become a Group Leader by gathering 10 full-paid travelers for your trip and you travel free as the 11th!
Earn $100 per person for every 11+ paid travelers

Planning a group vacation for your family, friends or organization? Or looking for ways to travel for free? Become a group travel leader with Amor Travel Co.!


What Is A Group Travel Leader? 

A group leader is someone who earns travel credits toward the trips they plan with a group consisting of 10 or more people.


Do I Create My Own Trip Or can I go on a pre planned Amor Travel Group trip?
You can do either (or both)! We can create a completely customized trip from scratch, or you can select from any of our current group trips. 


What are my duties are a group leader?

You are in charge of promoting your group and getting travelers to join. Amor Travel Co. takes care of everything else. We oversee all the accounting and payments, send confirmation notices and invoices to your group members, and put together travel kits complete with all the travel documentation needed for your trip. 


I'm Interested. What Do I Do Now? 
Give us a call at 202-596-9613 or email us at to get started today.